Harvest Complete


On the morning of October 11, my sister Abby and I loaded up the trailer with the first 4 pigs headed to harvest. The facility that we are currently using is a two hour drive into Virginia. I'm not going to lie, loading the gilts up into the trailer whilst knowing their fate created a lump in my throat. I just knew opening the doors 2 hours later that I would probably lose it. 

As predicted, two hours later, I was doing just that. With USDA inspectors looking on, Abby and I opened the trailer doors to let the girls out. I began to cry and so did she. These gilts were sweet and cute and even though we had not named them, being their caretaker day after day had taken a toll on my emotions. 

Then I remembered some wise words given to me just weeks before by my stepmother: God created them for such a time as this. They were created to be raised up and become the best they could be at what they are... pork.

We loved them.

WE respected them.

We gave them green pastures to enjoy and frolic in.

WE allowed them to take naps under the warm sunshine and under the evening stars.

They lived a happy life.

I did my part. Now, they would do theirs. 

So, as I rubbed each one behind the ears, I thanked the Lord for them and gently nudged them from the trailer with tears in my eyes. The evening before I was found doing the same, as I fed them their last meal of organic chaffhaye, I spent time thanking the Good Lord for them (pictures below). If knowing where your food comes from and how those animals are treated is important to you, then know MKONO Farm is serious about the stewardship of our animals. This first harvest has just arrived back at our farm and is ready for purchase available in our online store. Next harvest arrives mid November.

At MKONO Farm You Can Be Assured That

 They are loved. They are respected. They are prayed over. 

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