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Small batch but big in flavor, this perfectly marbled deep red pork won’t disappoint your palette. We are fully committed to the ethical and humane treatment of our animals and environment. Taking our “farm to table” stewardship seriously, our animals are free to roam, socialize, and graze at their pleasure making them happier and thus creating a perfectly delicious harvest. Our flavorful products are sustainably produced, without added hormones and free from antibiotics, GMOs, corn, soy, by-products, etc. We believe Kunekune should eat and grow as nature intended and that the harvest is well worth the wait! We offer USDA processed, vacuum sealed, quick-frozen individual cuts (by the pound), or as a custom order by whole, half side, or custom cuts. For custom orders we will arrange transportation of animals to the processing facility and return. Our processed pork products include nitrate/MSG free bacon, sausage, ham and other specialty charcuterie.